When the Husband Goes on a Cleaning Binge

After all my recent serious posts about cleaning, here a very good humorous look at house cleaning based upon the writer’s husband deciding to clean the house and who does what tasks.

Person holding cleaning supplies

Photo: Laurie Nigro blog

I have always found that the person with the least tolerance of dirt and clutter ends up doing the cleaning. Fortunately, my wife and I have somewhat different levels of tolerances for cleaning around the house, so most of it gets done by our personal choices. If you hate doing something, then you develop a high tolerance for whatever it is you hate. For example, she dusts, which I hate to do, while I clean the bathrooms, which she dislikes doing. Enjoy the following article from a news website that serves Southold, Long Island, New York.

When the Husband Goes on a Cleaning Binge

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