Roundup of Home Improvement Tools and Gadgets for 2020

Pen-shaped Non-scratch Scrigit Scraper Featured in Roundup

home improvement tools and gadgets wallThe pandemic caused the National Hardware Show and other similar shows to be cancelled this year. The usual events that showcase the wide range of new and useful home improvement tools and gadgets did not take place. Usually, people in the media would attend these events and report about what they saw to business owners, buyers, trades people, and consumers who love to work on DIY home projects.

HIR  tool expo magazine coverAs an alternative, the editors of the excellent Home Improvement and Repair magazine put together their own expo in their Tool & Gadget Issue. As Editor-in-Chief Matt Weber stated, “We understand. You’re not the only ones who peruse the aisles of the home center for new items that you might not need right now–but that you might need one day. For folks like us, a roundup of new and upcoming tools is like a toy catalog for kids. We love to put them together.”

An exciting mix of small and large items are featured in the expo. These products solve a wide range of construction and maintenance problems. The first photo above shows a mix of tools hanging from the Proslat PVC Slatwall System. This versatile garage storage solution can be installed by the homeowner and features a large assortment of Slatwall-mounted hooks, racks and cabinets.

The AirSHIM Pro XL is a clever and very durable inflatable air wedge. The device enables an individual worker to move, adjust and level objects up to 500 pounds with accuracy. See the photo in the lower right corner of the magazine cover above.

Mini Dragon weed killing torchA product called the Mini Dragon is like a hand-held miniature dragon spewing fire. Cleverly, Flame Engineering’s newest product uses a hand-held propane tank with a long extension tube. A propane torch is attached to the end closest to the ground. The intense heat from the flame quickly kills weeds without the use of chemicals and has many other uses.

Scrigit Scraper in HIR tool expoFor a variety of small cleaning tasks and removing adhesive stickers and tape, the HIR Expo features the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper. The tool can be used for a wide-range of cleaning, craft and DIY home maintenance projects. “There are always small cleaning tasks around your house. You might need to remove accumulated dirt and grime from a corner, groove, wall edge, faucet base, or window track. You might need to remove splatters of latex paint, pieces painters tape or adhesive product labels.” The compact size of the tool, with two differently shaped scraping tips, make it practical to keep the tool handy in many different locations from pocket to toolbox to vehicle.

The HIR Expo pages are loaded with clamps, jigs, bits, blades, sprayers, fasteners, and many more wondrous tools and gadgets. If you enjoy wandering down hardware store aisles looking for innovative home improvement tools and gadgets, then check out the digital issue of the HIR Tool & Gadget Expo.

Also check out the Home Improvement and Repair website for more information and digital issues.