And the Mystery of the Hole

People often ask me how I went from the idea in my head for a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to a finished product and why there is a hole in the back. In a prior post, I explained how a designer took my concept based on my simple sketches and a hand-made model and created a design using computer-aided drafting (CAD) software. I worked with him to refine the design, which had to meet my functionality criteria and be able to be manufactured using a plastic injection molding process. Once the CAD design was done, the first Scrigit Scraper was made using a professional quality 3D printing machine. The first scraper was made from a clear plastic but had a frosted finish. Once I tested and approved the model, the CAD design was used to make a metal mold capable of producing two scrapers during each cycle of the plastic injection molding process.plastic injection molds

Once the mold was built, a test run was done using clear plastic pellets that are melted and injected into the mold. The mold is made in two halves, so the halves can be separated to release the partially cooled scrapers (see photo). These initial scrapers were evaluated by the manufacturer and also sent to me to inspect. Then some test runs were done to help me choose the color. After some fine tuning of the mold by the manufacturer, the first production run was made using the bright blue color that is currently being sold.

And now to explain the mystery of the rectangular opening in the back of each scraper. Because the molds are made in two halves, a small portion of one side of the mold needs to protrude through what becomes the rectangular opening to form the bottom of the pocket clip. This opening allows the pocket clip to be made as part of the scraper instead of being added on a separate part.

Scrigit Scraper backSo buy a pack of Scrigit Scrapers today, so you can see for yourself the results of this design and production process. The pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper provides a safe, quick and convenient way for handling small cleaning tasks and assisting with crafts.