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Redbook Selects Scrigit Scraper as Must-Have Tool

Six Must-Have Cleaning Tools According to an article by Elizabeth Jenkins in the April 2016 edition of Redbook magazine, the Scrigit Scraper was identified as one of six “Must-Have” cleaning tools. Featured on the magazine’s cover as the “World’s Easiest

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Tips for a Cleaner House in Record Time

A Cleaner House Faster: Send dirt & gunk packing with tips your mother will steal! We all love a spotless home – but with hectic workdays and kids’ extracurricular activities, it’s tough to dedicate much time to cleaning. These tried

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5 Moments You Need a Scrigit™ Scraper – Mom Edition

Life with kids makes messes a guarantee, from food to paint, dirty bathrooms and more. It’s all sure to cause some serious wear and tear on your home. But the facts are hard to deny – nothing feels better than

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How to Clean Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Keep Your Coffee Flowing Whether you use a Keurig or another brand of single-serve coffee maker that uses K-cups, regular cleaning is needed to keep the appliance working properly. Minerals in your water will build up inside the machine and

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Best Ways to Remove Carpet Dents

Choose the Cool Way or Hot Way to Remove Carpet Dents Left from Furniture Whenever furniture sits on carpet for any length of time, the fibers compress into dents. Once you move the furniture, the dents remain for quite a

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Organizing Tips Newsletter – January 2016

Helpful Organizing and Cleaning Tips Include Scrigit Scraper In the January 2016 edition of Donna Smallin Kuper’s newsletter, she provides tips and inspiration for organizing a simpler life. Kuper provides some suggestions on how to unclutter and organize your house

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9 Tips to Avoid Ruining Things as You Clean Them

Don’t Damage Your Things When You Try to Clean Them When you are cleaning up spills to avoid stains or just cleaning around the house, you want to make sure that you don’t damage the items you are trying to

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Snow Creates Fun for Scrigit Scrapers

Winter Storm ‪#‎Jonas‬ that hit Maryland with 2 to 3 feet of snow was actually fun and exciting for the Scrigits. Since they are from Florida, they were very eager to go and play in the snow and, of course,

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13 Things to Never Put in the Dishwasher

Don’t Damage these Items in the Dishwasher! Dishwashers are great for cleaning off grease and bits of food from your dishes and many other kitchen items and then drying them. But there are some items you use in the kitchen

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Hints for Maintaining Bathroom and Other Drains

When you use sink, bathtub, shower and floor drains frequently, a dirty ring builds up around the metal drain. If you don’t use these drains frequently, you could end up with dangerous sewer gas entering your home. Cleaning around the

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