Use Scrigit Scrapers for Holiday Crafts and Stocking Stuffers People will Love

Are you making your own holiday crafts for your own house or to give as gifts? Are you looking for clever gadgets to use as stocking stuffers that people will find really useful?Scrigits for stocking stuffers

Craft Projects

If you enjoy creating your own holiday crafts, such as gingerbread houses, tree ornaments, candle holders and many more, the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper is a really handy tool. Actually, it is two tools in one.

One end has a unique rounded tip similar in shape to a fingernail. This can be used instead of your fingernail as a scratch-free scraper to remove adhesive stickers, labels and tape. It can also be used to scrape off small spots of dried food, latex paint, glue and various crafting materials without damaging your fingernails. This shape also makes nice U-shaped impressions in clay and other substances to simulate roof shingles, leaves on trees, fish scales, and many more.Shaping clay Christmas tree with Scrigit Scraper

The other tip of the tool has a flat edge that can be used for such things as removing excess wet glue or paint. It is also very good for cleaning along edges, grooves, and corners. Both tips are great for shaping clay and Play-Doh.

Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, consider packages of Scrigit Scrapers. Both men and women would consider this handy tool a welcome gift because Scrigits have hundreds of uses. The pen-shaped tool provides a quick, safe and convenient way to clean up around the house and the interior and exterior of vehicles. Cooks can use the tool to clean up dried food on stove tops, counter tops and bakeware. People who like to tackle DIY projects around the house will find a wide range of uses for Scrigits. As described above, the pen-shaped Scrigit is also a versatile tool for arts and crafts projects.Gingerbread house with Scrigit Scraper

Scrigit Scrapers come in 2-packs and 5-packs that are just the right size to use for stocking stuffers and in gift baskets. Your friends and relatives will thank you for giving them something so useful.