Bloggers at Mommy’s Block Party Say Scrigit Scraper is a Must Have Stocking Stuffer

Mommy's Block Party chooses Scrigit Scraper for Stocking StufferThe moms at Mommy’s Block Party chose the Scrigit Scraper cleaning and crafting tool as a “must have” holiday stocking stuffer. “Whether it’s in the kitchen, remnants of a gathering, or craft projects, gunk builds up over time in small hard-to-reach places. A proper device, and not a knife or fingernail, is often needed to get at the built-up grime. . . The Scrigit Scraper tool would make Thanksgiving and Christmas clean-up so much easier!”

Household Cleaning

As stated in the review, “This holiday season, save frustration, energy, and even time with the Scrigit Scraper.” The tool has a flat scraper edge on one end and a rounded wedge shaped tip that resembles a fingernail (but sturdier) on the other end. As a result, the tool has a wide range of cleaning uses in the kitchen and throughout the house.

Sticker Remover

Of course, the tool is also handy for removing adhesive stickers, labels and tape. “Everyone know the pain of trying to peel price tags off gifts before last-minute wrapping. save your manicure by using the Scrigit Scraper. . . to remove that sticky label. If careful, it could be even used to help gift-wrap your item by getting at that unwanted tape or making the corner just so.”


Mommy's Block Party Scrigit for crafting“Holiday crafting will be much easier with the Scrigit Scraper! The tool’s double sides [tips] will not only help remove unwanted glue, but also help shape and place materials so that your project looks professional. Scrigit Scrapers could even help build those gingerbread homes.”

Throughout the Year

After the holidays, Scrigit Scrapers can be used to clean up the house. Then for spring cleaning and throughout the year, the versatile tool will help you with a wide variety of cleaning and craft projects.

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