Florida Magazine Features Best Cleaning Products

Florida Magazine Coconut Creek Lifestyle Chooses Scrigit Scraper

Coconut Creek Lifestyle is a Florida magazine that covers all the latest trends in South Florida with news and articles on fashion, dining, real estate, beauty, style, and other topics. The community of Coconut Creek is located on Florida’s eastern coast between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, and just west of Pompano Beach. In the April 2017 edition, an article called “Tidy Up” picks out favorite products for organizing and cleaning “that will make chores a breeze now and throughout the year.”Florida magazine cover

One of the products featured in the article is the Scrigitâ„¢ Scraper pen-shaped non-scratch cleaning tool. Here is what the article says about this handy tool.

Save your nails: For cleaning jobs that require you to get up close with gunk you don’t want on your hands, there’s the Scrigit Scraper. The pen-shaped tool gets into the grooves and crevices that standard cleaning tools often miss, saving you the trouble of using damaging metal tools or, worse, your nails. Try it on stubborn stickers, paint, wax and more.”

You can view the whole “Tidy Up” article at http://lmgfl.com/tidy-up/ or you can click here to see digital edition of the whole magazine.

We are very happy to have a Florida magazine select the Scrigit Scraper as one of their favorite products. The versatile tool is made for Scrigit, LLC by a company in Florida.

Non-scratch Scrigit Scrapers are not only a great alternative to using your fingernails, screwdrivers and knives for scraping tasks within your own household, but they also make great gifts for anybody who likes to keep their house or vehicle clean, works on crafts, or does DIY projects around the house.Scrigit rounded tip The tool features a rounded tip that simulates the effective scraping shape of a fingernail and a second flat-edged scraper on the top end for cleaning flat surfaces, edges, and grooves.

We thank Coconut Creek Lifestyle magazine for including the Scrigit Scraper in their magazine.


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