Nationally Renown Handyman Includes Scrigit In Weekly Column

Known as America’s Master Handyman, Glenn Haege featured the Scrigit Scraper as one of the new and innovative products he discovered at the National Hardware Show held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in May. He spotlighted his favorite products from the show in one of his weekly columns that appear in the The Detroit Press and on his website, Here is what he had to say.Handyman Glenn Haege

“There are times that you think you don’t really need to use a tool. For instance, taking off an adhesive sticker or dried paint off of a glass mirror. If you’re like me, the 10 little tools at the ends of your fingers come into play, often with painful results. Instead of your fingernail, now you have a Scrigit, Made in the USA and dishwasher safe, a Scrigit lets you clean, scrape and remove common substances without damaging the surface. Complete with pocket clip and just a bit larger than a pencil, the blue plastic tool saves time, effort, and your fingers.” You can see the whole article by clicking on this link.

For over 30 years, Glenn Haege has hosted the Handyman Show, which is now a nationally syndicated radio show on Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the show, which originates in Southeastern Michigan, he talks about home maintenance and improvement issues and answers questions called in by his listeners. Glenn has been named one of the most influential radio talk show hosts. He also is the author of many books about home improvement.Handyman Show logo