Scrigit Scraper is Hot Product According to Home Improvement Magazine
Make Scrigit Scrapers Part of Your Tool Box and Tool Belt

home improvement toolsA magazine for DIY home improvement enthusiasts featured the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool as a Hot Product in their September 2017 edition. On page 80 of the September issue of Extreme How-To magazine in a prime location opposite the inside back cover, the Scrigit Scraper is shown as one of their hot products for the month.

Hot Products article - Scrigit ScraperAs stated in the article, “The Scrigit Scraper is a versatile pen-shaped, non-scratch cleaning tool that provides a safe, quick and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces, edges and grooves. The Scrigit Scraper can be used instead of fingernails and metal tools to quickly clean off small areas of unwanted substances, such as grime, caulk, putty, candle wax, latex paint splatters, dried food, adhesive stickers, labels and tape. The tool is two scrapers in one. A rounded tip simulates the the effective scraping shape of a fingernail and is great for scraping off small spots, cleaning curved surfaces, and removing adhesive labels, stickers and tape. A flat-edged tip  is best for getting into tight spaces and cleaning off unwanted materials from flat surfaces, edges, corners and door tracks. It is a useful tool to keep in your pocket and toolbox for all types of home improvement and maintenance projects. Made in the USA of a durable plastic resin that easily washes clean and won’t conduct electricity, the Scrigit Scraper is available in 2-packs and 5-packs at many independent hardware stores and at Visit” (If you don’t see Scrigit Scrapers at your local hardware store, ask for them.)

Extreme How-To coverExtreme How-To is a great do-it-yourself (DIY) magazine that caters to the home improvement enthusiast – whether a homeowner or a contractor – by providing information about techniques, plans, new technology, tools, and much more. Articles include tips, advice, and detailed tutorials for repairing and upgrading your property. Content covers topics such as tile work, plumbing, window replacement, deck construction, concrete work, painting, carpentry, landscaping, and even upgrading your workshop. Click here to see the September issue.