Scrigit Now at Large Central Ohio Hardware Store

Keim Lumber Company is the first hardware store in Ohio outside of the Cleveland area to carry the Scrigit Scraper 2-packs. Although Keim (pronounced Kime) started out in 1911 as a lumber mill, the 4th generation family owned business is now a large full-service hardware store and home center with over 700,000 square feet of retail, office, warehouse and millwork production space on 50 acres of land. On the second level of their retail building is restaurant called Carpenters Cafe. Their expertise in millwork is shown throughout their retail store (see inset photo) in what is probably the most beautiful hardware store interior in the country. Located southwest of Canton, Ohio and northwest of Columbus, Keim is in the small rural town of Charm, east of the city of Millersburg.

Keim Lumber

Keim Lumber in Charm, Ohio

The entire area around Keim is called Amish Country and home to the world’s largest Amish community. The area is a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful rural scenery complete with horse-drawn buggies, opportunities to visit Amish farms, many excellent restaurants and bakeries featuring Amish home-style cooking, quilts, artwork, wooden furniture, and wonderful Amish cheese. They are particularly known for their Swiss and Baby Swiss cheeses. The Guggisberg Cheese Factory and Shop is just a couple of minutes down the street from Keim and well worth a visit. There are also other cheese factories and shops carrying Amish cheese in the area. So whether you live in the area or are looking for a fun travel destination, stop by Keim Lumber to pick up some Scrigit Scrapers and other items. Then drive around the area to enjoy the scenery, shopping and great food. Remember, Scrigit Scrapers and Amish cheese make great gifts.

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