Scrigit Scraper in Hardware Retailing

I think it is pretty safe to say that almost all of you who read this post will never read the magazine Hardware Retailing. For me, this is a very important publication since it is the leading publication for hardware retailers, which represent a major outlet for Scrigit Scrapers.Hardware Retailing cover

The owner of Strosniders Hardware in Potomac, Maryland and his buyer are so happy with the sales of the Scrigit Scraper, that they submitted the product to Hardware Retailing for the new products section. The Scrigit Scraper was selected for publication on page 24 of the October issue.Scrigit Scraper package The digital and print versions of the magazine go to over 33,000 hardware stores throughout the U.S. and is read by over 130,000 people according to the magazine’s readership studies. This is a huge opportunity for me to reach this large base of retail stores.

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